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In the cellar on the Gaisberg at the foot of the top location Straßer Gaisberg many award-winning wines such as Grüner Veltliner or Pinot Blanc are pressed:
Winery Schreibeis: Quality and Innovation
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The Schreibeis winery with its cellar on the Gaisberg is a family winery in the famous wine village of Straß im Straßertale in Lower Austria’s Kamptal wine region. 14 hectares of vineyards are cultivated in the top locations of Straßer Gaisberg, Offenberg and Hasel. Sustainable viticulture is the top priority for the Schreibeis winegrowing family. Half of the vineyards are planted with Grüner Veltliner vines, followed by Pinot Blanc, Riesling and Zweigelt. In addition to Grüner Veltliner, the winegrower Edwin Schreibeis is particularly interested in Pinot Blanc: “This enables a very multi-faceted vinification. For me, the range of Weißburgunder extends from classic, strong, barrique and natural wine to sweet Prädikat wines.” Successes in Austrian and international wine evaluations confirm the qualitative and innovative vinification of the Schreibeis family.

Wine cellar in the top location Straßer Gaisberg

The wines on offer range from fresh and fruity to classic and strong, long-lasting reserves from the top location of Gaisberg in Straß. With the “Keller am Gaisberg”, the Schreibeis winery at the foot of this famous vineyard has the last wine-producing cellar in a traditional cellar lane. The Gaisberg is a southern foothills of the Manhartsberg and is made up of primary rock soils of the Bohemian Massif. In the lower layers, loam and loess soils overlap the old crystalline rocks. In the north, the densely wooded Manhartsberg protects against cold currents. For this reason, the harmonious combination of good climatic conditions with the southern hillside location and the ideal soils produces outstanding wines. The Straßer Gaisberg mountain borders directly on the Zöbinger Heiligenstein, one of the top locations in the Kamptal valley.

Sustainable viticulture

Every new vintage is a challenge for Edwin Schreibeis to always get the best out of the grape quality: “We see ourselves as a sustainable winery that produces the best quality wines from healthy grapes and balanced soils. We pay a lot of attention to organic farming: Foliage and soil work without herbicide and insecticide, as well as renouncing mineral fertilizers. In our wine cellar on the Gaisberg, some wines are fermented spontaneously and each wine is given enough time for its optimal development.”

Buying wine locally: Recognising wine qualities at tastings

The tasting room in the “Keller am Gaisberg” is available for wine tastings. The sale of quality wines from the Schreibeis winery on the farm becomes an experience and the special features of the vineyards and the climatic conditions of a wine year can be passed on in a relaxed atmosphere during expert discussions.

Next Generation at the Schreibeis Winery

In the family winery Schreibeis – Keller am Gaisberg – the “Next Generation” with Edwin Schreibeis has been responsible for the wines and the vinification in the cellar since the vintage 2017. After the Vinohak Wine School in Krems, Edwin worked 6 years in the winery Sepp Moser, Rohrendorf, as a cellar master, passed the master examination for wine-growing and cellar master in 2012, gained foreign experience in the winery Framingham, New Zealand in 2014, and completed the organic certificate course at the wine-growing school Krems in 2015. His father Eduard Schreibeis graduated from the Höhere Bundeslehranstalt für Wein- und Obstbau in Klosterneuburg and did an internship at a Swiss winery. From his parents Erich and Leopoldine Schreibeis, he took over the family winery with 4 hectares of vineyards and laid the foundation for today’s successful 14 hectare modern winery. Today he mainly looks after the vineyards. Renate Schreibeis attended the Handelsakademie Krems and is the perfect host of many wine tastings. She takes care of the physical well-being of the wine customers and is responsible for the sales. Caroline Bauer comes from the neighbouring wine village of Zöbing, has opted for health and nursing care and also helps everywhere at the Schreibeis Winery.

International wine awards

Numerous successes at Austrian wine fairs and wine guides as well as international wine evaluations such as Berliner or Asia Wine-Trophy have established the Schreibeis Winery in the Austrian and international specialist trade. Edwin Schreibeis at a glance into the future: “We want to continue to grow as a quality wine-growing company and be even more present on the market nationally and internationally with our quality wines”.

Contact: Winery Schreibeis – Keller am Gaisberg, Family Schreibeis, A-3491 Straß, Josef Schuh-Straße 344, Tel. +43 2735/5823, Fax: 3, E-Mail:, Web: Sales from Monday to Saturday by appointment! Tastings in the cellar at the Gaisberg (in the middle of the Straßer Gaisbergkellergasse) will also be organised according to individual wishes.

Caption: The family winery focuses on sustainable viticulture:

Picture credit: Winery Schreibeis – Cellar on the Gaisberg, Straß

Location: Strass im Strassertale

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