Kamptal DAC

Kamptal DAC – fresh and lively

Kamptal DAC wines are dry Grüner Veltliner and Riesling wines full of freshness and liveliness. In the style of the international denomination system, Kamptal DAC is based on a three-tier system of origin, divided into region, village and vineyard. In the first stage, the regional wine, one finds the variety of the wine-growing region Kamptal, to which the Straßertal belongs, in stage two the old tradition of the local wine is reflected, stage three – the vineyard wine – forms the expressive top of the Kamptal DAC.

The 3 stages of the Kamptal DAC

– Kamptal DAC Area wine

Drinking pleasure and freshness characterise the Kamptaler area wines. The typical Kamptal wine is characterised by the valley landscape, cool nights and hot days, the mild estuary in the south and the freshness of the forests in the north. From 11.5% alc.

– Kamptal DAC local wine

Soils and climate in the Kamptal often change within short distances. The local wines are an expression of this diversity and reflect the typical characteristics of the local conditions. From 12% Alk.

– Kamptal DAC Riedenwein

Kamptal vineyard wines have personality. They reflect the soil structure and microclimatic differences in the smallest of spaces. An image of the specific characters of the vineyards (sites) in the Kamptal. From 12.5% Alk.

– Kamptal DAC Reserve

The large, powerful reserves with their rich character and depth are an unmistakable expression of their origin from famous vineyards. It is not for nothing that many of the sites in the Kamptal valley are among the most renowned proveniences of Austrian viticulture, namely Heiligenstein, Gaisberg, Lamm or Wechselberg. What all these wine personalities have in common, however, is their mineral racy character, a distinctive acidity and outstanding potential for maturity. The wines have a strong style, a pronounced regional character, dense and long finish. From 13.0% Alk.